Best Way to Approach a Girl

Explained Picture being able to walk up to any girl, and have a really good chance of getting a date with her, all because you know the best way to approach a girl. How many more dates would you be going on? If this is the type of thing that interests you, you’re probably burning to find out how exactly you should be approaching girls, so that it is up to you who you date, who you sleep with, and maybe someday, who you marry. If you don’t know how to do this stuff, you’re going to be left with the girls that the guys who do know how to do this stuff didn’t want. Not the best of the best.

Well, let’s jump right in to some practical tips on the best way to approach a girl…

What’s the Best Way to Approach a Girl

Let’s start off with a difficult truth. You are never, ever going to learn everything you need to know about approaching women by reading things online, in books or chats online. You need to take what you learn, and actually give it a try. Yes, there may be a bit of rejection, but with every rejection comes a whole lot of learning, and your chances of being rejected next time shrink. Does this make you feel bad, or wish that there were a better, easier way to do it?

If you answered yes, then you need to start learning how to cope with rejection: because life is full of it. Being capable of dealing with rejection is a sign of maturity, and maturity is something that women are really attracted to. Hell, if a girl rejects you and you take it like a man, she may start to rethink her decision. So where should you start? Start by building your sense of personal value. Feel like women will want you more than you want them.

As a man, you’ll have plenty of time to work on how attractive you are, and how confident you are… neither of which are actually based on your appearance. For a girl, she’s more at the mercy of her appearance, and she needs to get a good guy like you before gravity starts ruining all her greatest assets. They need you more than you need them. That’s something you need to know if you want to know the best way to approach a girl.

Approaching Girls: A Different Mindset

You’ve probably read a ton of generic material on the best way to approach a girl, only to end up with minimal results. If that’s the case, you probably understand that making eye contact, laughing at her jokes, and giving her compliments doesn’t really work out that well. Just think about it: If these are the things that are taught everywhere as the best way to approach a girl, wouldn’t you think that women would’ve caught on by now?

If you want to seem like the one rose in the pile of dirt, you need to master the art of indirect communication. Here’s the idea: you use your words to establish friendship, keeping the interest that your words say to casual at best, and then you use your attractive body language to let her know you’re interested in more.

Why do most guys think that that isn’t the best way to approach a girl? They all incorrectly believe that women think the same as men. They think that women are as simple minded as men, who just want everything laid out on the table. That’s not true. Women prefer romance, and mystery. This’ll keep them guessing, chasing, and it will build a ton of attraction.

And that’s the difference between men who get rejected every single time, and men who can date anyone they want. Some men know how women think.

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