Dos and Don’ts to Attract Men

By now you know some of what it takes to attract men. In this article we will review some dos and don’ts of how to attract men. Maybe you will learn something new and will have a new angle to pursue when it comes to what you do to attract men into your life.

You are a female so you inherently already have what it takes to attract men. But, are you drawing attention from the men you want to attract? If not, a self evaluation of yourself and the «tricks» you apply in your techinque on how you attract men needs to be looked at extensively to determine what will and won’t work in your quest to attract the perfect man of your dreams. You already attract the type of man you want but aren’t having success in getting the relationship to last? Then you need explore further as to the qualities you desire to attract in your life.

Do be yourself; nothing turns a man off quicker than a fake, phony woman. Do wear clothes that flatter and reveal just a little to keep them wondering. Do go to locations where the type of man that interests you to attract their attention. Do be safe and secure in who you are. Men love women who are confident. Do be flirty and fun, men want to attract women that they feel they can have fun being around. Do listen to what he says and «mirror» body gestures and tone of voice when you speak.

Don’t wear trashy and flashy clothes.

They do nothing but attract the men with the 2 year olds that live in their pants. Don’t be someone you are not. You can attract men no matter who you pretend to be but the odds are way against you in it ever lasting. Don’t try to attract men in places where you feel awkward or uncomfortable. If you hate sports, don’t hang out in sports bars. The only men you will attract there are the ones that are into the thing you hate and will endlessly have to listen to them drone on about statistics and such and spend quite a few evenings alone while he’s watching a game.

There are plenty more of dos and don’ts in how to attract men. This article is just something to give you to think about and help you to reevaluate your approach. You’re worth it to invest the time and energy into how to attract men of your desire.

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