Fireworks with Females

This ‘Fireworks with Females‘ Review, was written because I felt like I need to tell the world about Slade Shaw’s ebook. When I first heard about it, I thought the same thing that you probably though: how much can one little ebook really teach me about women?. The main point I want to make in this review of Fireworks with Females is that there are short cuts in life, easier and harder ways to do things. It’s all about who you’re learning from and how much yo practice. The second half of that is up to you, but the first half has an easy answer…

The Origins of ‘Fireworks With Females’

The authors of this ebook started off in the same place as you: they were having trouble getting anywhere with women, and they were puzzled by how some men seemed to have no luck, while others seemed to get girls without trying. The thing a lot of guys believe is that you’re either born with the ability to date whoever you want, or you aren’t born with it. This ebook tears that to shreds.

The authors of this ebook when through hell to find out how exactly attracting women worked, failing miserably many times along the way. This is hard to believe, but once you know the secrets, they suddenly seem like common sense. But most guys who’ve never had any trouble getting women are terrible at explaining how they do it.

They don’t even think about what they’re doing. But the authors of Fireworks with Females aren’t naturals, so they had to figure out the exact steps to attracting a woman, and they can tell you those steps clearly.

Fireworks with Females: More than Sex

The thing I think I benefited from the most with this ebook was that it wasn’t just about how to get laid. It also talked a lot about having a better life, that more women will want to join you in. If you really want to get your money’s worth for this ebook, you need to be willing to put in some work, and really apply the things they lay out for you.

A lot of men want a better dating life, but they aren’t willing to change how they act or how they live at all… this book will carefully explain why exactly that’s a huge mistake.

I can’t show you the Fireworks with Females for free, obviously, but here are some of my favorite parts:

  • Stuff That Blew My Mind
  • The indepth analysis of why guys fail to attract women
  • The secret words women use to let you know if they’re interested
  • How to speak back to them in the same code
  • How to get the perfect tone of voice, and why that’s incredibly important

To sum it all up, any man who really wants to improve his chance with females should buy Fireworks with Females so he can learn things he won’t find anywhere else. But before you do, get ready to hear some hard truths, and to make some changes.

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