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Latino Association of Business Students
ALPFA Midwest Chapter of the Year 2013
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About Us

Here is what we offer:

LABS is tailored for Latino Students studying Business at UIC. However, you do not have to be latino or a business student to join. Students with different backgrounds and majors are welcome to take advantage of the following:

-Professional Advancement
-Personal Growth
-Job/Internship Placements

To see what else we do check out our calendar for events coming up!

Is LABS for you?

You will feel like part of the family

A support group is formed amongst all members as we create exposure to the corporate world through various mediums.
Additionally, we now have national support as we are affiliated with the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA)

ALPFA Student Chapter

Thanks for visiting our site. Here is some information about our organization at UIC. If you have any question please e-mail us using our contact us tab or at [email protected]

LABS mission is to enhance the professional skills of the students by providing activities and events that promote growth and personal development. Some of the issues we profoundly believe in are leadership development, career planning, and life-long learning. We offer opportunities that give students a chance to get a glimpse of the business world before they graduate.